Small Venue Live's mission is to provide as much information as possible on the music events going on in the Virginia Beach area. We here at Small Venue Live have a passion for music that goes beyond just wanting to enjoy it ourselves. SVL strives to help local artists and venues reach as many people who share our love of music as possible. Being from Virginia Beach our initial focus is on the small venues in the ocean front area and most of zip code 23451. Our passion, however cannot be contained in just that area and since discovering new bands and listening to them in new venues is something we love our expansion to Norfolk and the surrounding areas of Hampton Roads is inevitable.


Don't see your band or venue listed here on Small Venue Live? Searching out and inputting events into Small Venue Live takes us time. Send us your schedule to ensure that you will be included. Our goal is to advertise as many events as possible here on the site so help us out. Send email to SVL@SmallVenueLive.com or visit us on Twitter or Facebook.

Small Venue Live is a website that exists only for lovers of music. Before SVL there was no single website that focused on providing band schedules in the Virginia Beach oceanfront area. SVL was created in an attempt to make finding music events in the Virginia Beach area quick and easy. Currently Small Venue Live is in its beginning stages and will be constantly improving and evolving in its interface and its design. Check back often to keep up with our changes and the schedules of your favorite bands, dj's and music venues.