We Are Small Venue Live

We Are Small Venue Live

At Small Venue Live we aren’t journalists, or writers.  We aren’t band managers, or club promoters.  We aren’t in a band and we don’t have any musical talent of our own.  What are we then?  We are lovers of music.  Plain and simple.  Lovers of music whose dedication may go beyond what is normal but still just lovers of music.  A few years back we noticed a void in the live music scene in Virginia Beach and we just now recently figured out a way to fill it.  The void wasn’t that there were no talented local bands in Virginia Beach and no shows going on in our favorite local venues.  The void is that we didn’t know about them.  There have been too many times we’ve gone out to clubs where the music was some predetermined country playlist when all we wanted to do is shake our butts to some hip-hop.  Too many times we’ve ended up at a bar that only had a jukebox (that charges you money, no less) when just seconds away there was an amazing acoustic blues show going on.  You love music too.  You love live music (or “live” DJ’s) just like we do.  You want to know where to find great shows, just like we do.  So we shared a common problem.  We don’t know what’s going on.

Here at Small Venue Live our love of music is making us change that.  We are going to tell everyone where to find the best shows.  We are going to help people follow their favorite bands and let them know what acts are performing at their favorite venues.  There are amazing shows going on all over Virginia Beach, but too many people are missing them.  Our goal at Small Venue Live is to create a rich and diverse musical culture in our great city of Virginia Beach.  We are going to put more people in front of bands they love.  Its scientifically proven (I read it on the internet, lol) that bands play better when there are more people in the audience.  Here’s how this works.  More people, better shows, more people, more shows, more money for venues, more money for decent local bands, good local bands quit day jobs, great local bands play more shows, great local bands become amazing national acts, people get to say they saw amazing national act when they were just decent local band, amazing national act that used to be decent local band makes room for a new set of local bands.  Win, Win.  It’s the “Circle of Life” music.  It’s the way we create a colorful and energetic music scene worthy of the largest city in Virginia.  All we need to do is get the word out.

Here’s what we’re doing:  Small Venue Live has a Facebook page, a Twitter page, a Google+ page and a traditional webpage.  Most of our content is currently spread through our webpage.  There you’ll find every music event we know of and some current events.  In the future we’ll have better quality literary content (sorry, we said we aren’t writers or journalists) but the fact is you won’t find a more focused and complete lists of music events for Virginia Beach anywhere else on the internet.  Our Facebook page is where we promote bands and events with more focus and connect with people like you who have our passion for live music.  Facebook is our opportunity to share what our peers think is important in the local music scene.  Like our Facebook page to interact with people who love music like you do and visit to find information on new bands and event information.

Improving the music scene in Virginia Beach is no small task and it’s obvious Small Venue Live will need help.  Real music lovers, band members, DJ’s and venues are the people we need to make this happen.  The first step is to keep up with what’s going on in the area by following us.  Second we need your info.  Help us promote your band by sending us your show schedules.  Help us fill your venue by letting us know when and what live music or dj’s will be there.  Talk to us.  The third step is to share all this information with others.  Tell your friends when you’re going to see great bands.  Share and like our posts on Facebook as we’ll be doing the same with yours.

Remember the goal:  better shows, more shows.