The DJ Williams Project at Doc Taylor's Seaside Market Lounge 5/28

The DJ Williams Project at Doc Taylor's Seaside Market Lounge 5/28

I learned some valuable information on Thursday at Doc Taylor’s Seaside Market Lounge.  The Small Venue Live team was told about the awesomeness that is the DJ Williams Project so we showed up for their performance.  On one hand I want to get all gushy about how amazing the show was and how close we are to the action whenever we go to the Lounge but I’m going to hold myself back.  What I am going to do is share a the things that I learned from watching the coolest band I’ve seen in as long as I can remember.

1.  Standing in front of the DJ Williams Project makes you (or at least makes you feel) infinitely cooler.  I cannot describe what emotions were going through me as I listened to them but I decided in those minutes that my life would be complete if I had a theme song.  Something along the lines of the Shaft intro, performed by the DJ Williams Project.

2.  I need more horns in my life.  That’s exactly what I told Mark when I got a chance to speak to him in between sets.  When I got to the show I wasn’t really sure what to expect.  I was thinking that I was going to be bombarded by the ego of the band’s namesake.  A lot of unnecessary vocals and guitar solos for sure.  By the end of the set I knew I couldn’t have been more wrong.  Of course I did love the DJ Williams’ guitar and vocals but I was most captivated by the trumpet.  This was my first opportunity to hear a trumpet being played like that.  Mark Ingraham was in complete control of the room whenever he put that horn to his lips.  When I left that show all I kept thinking (aside from my newfound desire for personal theme music) was that I need to see more trumpet playing.

3.  Virginia Beach needs more of the DJ Williams Project (and if we can’t have that someone tell me of a band that’s at least half as cool as they are).  Doc Taylor’s Seaside Market Lounge gets another huge thank you from us at Small Venue Live for continuing to bring awesome acts to Virginia Beach.  

The Small Venue Live team always looks forward to Thursdays thanks to DTSML and our unofficial afterparties at Croc's.  We're checking our calendar now to see who's on for the next few Thursdays.