Channel Lounge at Nat's on Mediterranean

Channel Lounge at Nat's on Mediterranean

I remember the first time I met Josh Toney from Channel Lounge.  I caught him wearing a haoles shirt and just had to take a picture of him in it.  We got into a conversation about Hawaii, where he’s from, and reggae music in Virginia Beach and ever since he's been sending me invites to his local shows.  That was months ago and I've never been to one.  I've seen him freestyle before and it got me interested but this is the first time I've been out to one of his shows with Channel Lounge.  I originally had other plans but things fell into place for me to end up at Nat's with Josh and Channel Lounge.

My first thoughts upon arrival:

  1. The are way more people he than I expected.

  2. The crowd is nor what I expected.  The range of people here is wide

  3. Channel Lounge has a following.

Josh's music is unique and honest.  Having heard him freestyle hearing written lyrics are just an extension of his personality.  The band backing him grounds his unpredictably.  Not just his lyrics but his delivery.

RMC Reunion

Josh tells us he wrote a children's book and a song around it.

The song starts with some mellow backing vibes from the band.  Reggae based soothing sounds and a  "Woah, oh oh," from Josh.

"Once upon a time in a land far away there liver a king so powerful."

Opening line of his story of power, fatherhood and sacrifice.  Positivity,  pure Josh.  Unpolished.  The product of a band and frontman not trying to please others and appease opinions that don't matter.  Raw emotion.

Among some of the other lyrics of their original songs that stand out are these two gems that maybe hard to appreciate without hearing the beauty of their delivery or the peaceful feel of the music around them.

"Ground score I fell in love right there on the floor now that's what I call a ground score."

"It's a great day to be a hippie is a great day to be alive it's a great day to be a hippie it's a great day for the sun to shine."

When the music stopped I got a chance to meet Mike Harris, an old childhood friend of Josh's who went on to chase BMX fame and stardom with the X-Games and realized the amazingly genuine type of people that the members of Channel Lounge attract to their shows.  Just before I left I was able to link up with Josh for a second and let him know how much I enjoyed his show, especially his freestyling because it truly is a thing of beauty.  I leave you with this picture of the RMC reunion.

RMC Reunion