Invisible Landscapes

Invisible Landscapes

Invisible Landscapes is a four-piece band from Virginia Beach, Virginia. Their influences span a vast array of styles which can be heard in their unique blend of psychedelic and instrumental rock, blues, jazz, garage, surf, and experimental sounds. Coupled with this, carefully crafted lyrics provide a depth which the band hopes will inspire resonance in the listener. The band began as a group of close friends jamming together simply for fun. Frontman Raphael Lambriola introduced his musical ideas to bassist Hunter Gowen and keyboardist Jed Tuazon who expanded on them while simultaneously improving their musicianship. Their love for playing music, along with their close friendships, flourished. In June of 2013, Invisible Landscapes organized into an official group with the addition of a very talented drummer, Keith Perkins. Keith studied drumming in school and at the Governor's School for the Arts learning a wide range of styles including Jazz, Latin, Funk, and more. The knowledge and skill he brings to the band is unquestionable. Keith's entrance completed the sculpting of their sound. His technical drumming creates a dynamic and intricate rhythm section. Melodic chording, blues and Spanish style soloing, and spacey effects on guitar lend to their jazzy, psychedelic rock sound. Steady, rhythmic bass playing ensures a firm foundation for the rest of the band to branch off of. The use of effects over bluesy keyboard licks and synth tones generate ambient, psychedelic textures which embellish the overall sound. Aside from their instrumental tunes, Raphael’s vocals and carefully crafted lyrics add a depth which the band hopes will inspire resonance in the listener. He frequently employs poetic devices such as rhyme, metaphor, and imagery in his lyrics which contribute to the tone and meaning of the song. With this broad range of styles and sounds, the band avoids mundanity. Exposure to new artists and actively listening to those already known proves vital to their musical fervor. 60's rock such as The Doors, Jefferson Airplane, Jimi Hendrix, David Bowie, and early Pink Floyd are a large influence. Radiohead continues to be as well. Bands such as Dead Meadow, The Black Angels, Real Estate, Diiv, Wooden Shjips, Tame Impala, Sleepy Sun, The Growlers, and others inspire psych, garage, and surf styles. Others, like Explosions in the Sky, Red Sparowes, and If These Trees Could Talk, induce a love for instrumental rock. Blues artists such as Junior Kimbrough add to their repertoire. Additionally, jazz guitarist Rick Whitehead influences that side of Raphael's guitar playing. Classical music also inspires. Keith brought with him the influences of Nine Inch Nails, Godspeed You! Black Emperor, Deftones, And So I Watch You from Afar, and others upon his entrance to the band. The expertise, creativity, influences, and aspirations of Invisible Landscapes grow as they continue to craft original material. The group is very passionate about songwriting and performing. They hope to share what they feel is a unique style to an ever-growing audience.

Band Information

Psychedelic Rock Blues Rock Post-Rock
1Raphael LambriolaYesMaleGuitar
2Jed TuazonYesMaleKeyboard, Percussion
3Hunter GowenNoMaleBass
4Keith PerkinsNoMaleDrums


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