Seth Stainback and Roosterfoot

Seth Stainback and Roosterfoot

From East Texas, to Carolina, to coastal Virginia Seth Stainback has carved out a niche for himself as a not so typical southern songwriter. Growing up around music made it easy to imagine a life of traveling in a band, but he abandoned the idea of a career in it when he left home and went to work. After being a janitor at Goodwill, a cook, landscaper and waste plant shoveler, and somewhere along the way getting married, he found his niche as a steelworker. This kept him on the road chasing a dollar and honing his skills. He spent most of his time in his truck driving out of town to wherever the jobs were and living in whatever hotel he could afford to stay in. Like any steelworker worth his salt, he eventually lost his wife, his drivers’ license and the ability to stay in one place very long. After a stint at Pearl Harbor, working on Navy ships, he was sent to Norfolk, VA. The work was steady and the pay was good so he stuck around for a while. Working seven days a week doesn't leave much room for a social life so to kill the boredom of staring at hotel walls he bought a cheap guitar and started writing songs again. Seth was again reminded of what it meant to be passionate about something and decided that life is too short to spend all his time chasing dirty paper. “Music keeps me sane” he says. “It’s not a choice I make. It's a natural reflex to me. Everything that moves is a rhythm and every noise is a melody. From wheels churning down the interstate to eight pound hammers against the steel hull of a warship. Every day is a song. The heat, the scars, the dirt, the women, every gain and every loss - we all sing the same songs.” With those ideals, along with a strong blend of blues, country, folk, old gospel and rock n roll, Stainback has laid the foundation needed to pursue his sound even further with his newly formed group Roosterfoot. What started out as a father/son duo with Keith Stainback has turned into a soulful powerhouse after adding former Wet Willie guitarist Larry Berwald , fellow shipyard worker Steven Yewcic on bass and music promoter Jason Bruner on drums. In their short time together they have already shared the stage with the likes of Bob Seger & the Silver Bullet Band, Lynyrd Skynyrd, Hank Williams Jr., ZZ Top, B.B. King, Anders Osborne, Eric Lindell, Robert Earl Keen, Big Head Todd & the Monsters, Rusted Root, Delta Rae, & Kip Moore to name a few. Armed with a tough work ethic, these boys are on a big road with a long haul. In Jan 2014, Roosterfoot headed down to Lafayette, LA to record the much anticipated follow up to “Earth & Worm” at the famed Dockside Studios with Anders Osborne (Producer) and Warren Riker (3x Grammy Award winning Producer/Mixer). The album titled “Fire & Steel” was released internationally on July 22, 2014.

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Country Rock Blues
1Seth StainbackYesMale
2Keith StainbackNoMale
3Larry BerwaldNoMale
4Jason BrunerNoMale
5Steven YewcicNoMale


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