A Modern Myth

A Modern Myth

(Formerly known as Margin of Error) We're bringing back that hard rock music you've heard stories about... A Modern Myth's sound is heavily influenced by 90's alternative rock bands like Nirvana and Bush, but add their own mix of modern flair. Their live show thrives on original music, but also contains covers that are infused with their own flavor. They have already played around 100 live shows in the few years they have been together and are only getting started... Cisco and Cindy had been making music together for a few years. Eager to form a new band, they hooked up with Shawn who had been working with Adam previous to some unfortunate events that freed up his schedule. After a few hits and misses with a few different groupings of people, the four musicians finally got together and made magic in the band "Margin of Error". They recorded a 12 track CD entitled: "Lead By Example". After playing numerous gigs together, the band had to say good bye to Shawn as he moved out of state to be closer to his children. The band pressed on with the help of two interim drummers: Jordan and Clayton. Cindy eventually found CJ on Craigslist and brought him in as their new official drummer. After about a year and a half, the band went in to the studio with producer John Conkle, to record a 6 song EP. Seeing this as a new beginning, the band changed their name to "A Modern Myth" and named the EP "Margin of Error" as an homage to their old band and humble beginnings. Two years later, the band played their last show with CJ, who moved on to start his post-college career. This opened an opportunity to welcome Clayton back to the band as the new official drummer. Along with adding Clayton to the band, A Modern Myth rounded out their new roster by bringing in his wife, Shanna, to sing backing vocals and play keyboard.

Band Information

Rock Alternative
1Adam PyechaYesMale
2Cindy DeJesusYesFemaleBass
3Fransisco RomeNoMaleGuitar
4Clayton Van LeeuwenNoMaleDrums
5Shanna Van LeeuwenYesFemaleKeyboard


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