The Special Guests

The Special Guests

A talented group of passionate individuals that enjoy sharing a stage, collaborating, and songwriting. Their unique sound is polished and ready to rock at any moment. The name is rather self explanatory, though the framework of musicians remains the same a constant theme of special guests keep the jams fresh. Some nights may feature a horn section, other nights a rotating cast of drummers, but the musical foundation come from bassist Harrison Bounds and rhythm guitarist Chris Boylan. Other consistent special guests include MC's Nile "LiQUiD" Owens, Patrick "Poncho" Worthy and lead guitarist Daniel "Seals" Cellon. The bands most active drummer is James Dale, and recently TSG has been working with Francois "DJ Ready" Joseph on the ones and twos. Horn section consists of Aaron Middleton and Mike Hall. If you are looking to experience a high energy and entertaining funk/hip-hop show look no further, The Special Guests are sure to please.

Band Information

Dance Funk Rock Hip-Hop Blues Jazz
1Harrison BoundsYesMaleBass
2Chris BoylanYesMaleGuitar
3Nile LiQUiD OwensYesMale
4Patrick Poncho WorthyYesMale
5Daniel Seals CellonNoMaleGuitar


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