DJ PonFetti

DJ PonFetti

Originally from Warwick, RI, Michele Ponseti, better known by her stage name "DJ PonFetti," got into the DJ business while living in Lynchburg, VA in 2013. PonFetti started off primarily as a hip hop DJ but has become more diverse, mixing music from many different genres. She was spinning regularly at Gud Timz Hookah Lounge in Forest, VA for about 6 months before being featured on Lynchburg radio station Hot 103.9 on the Tony Camm Show. In June 2015, DJ PonFetti relocated to Virginia Beach where she's headlined local clubs including Shaka's Live and Central 111. She does everything from nightclubs and bars to school events, fashion shows and festivals. PonFetti says, "I enjoy the club scene but also like doing different types of events and traveling to different cities." In August 2015, DJ PonFetti performed at the DJ Expo in Atlantic City for Peavey Electronics where she did a set on the DJ Times main stage and also at Peavey's booth. ​Now sponsored by Peavey Electronics, DJ PonFetti spins regularly throughout Virginia Beach and surrounding cities. She also made an appearance at Mobile Beat Las Vegas this year with Peavey and was featured in the December 2015 issue of Mobile Beat magazine in an article "DJs Spin On Peavey."

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