Greg Gutty

Greg Gutty

Greg Gutty was Born Gregory Yancey Jr December 24, in Portsmouth Va, he began singing at birth. Gutty Joined his first group around age 6 with his 3 older cousins as a qourtet Group singing acappella spirituals through out the east coast after a decade of performing at various concerts including Apollo theatre in 2001, Gutty went on solo path and began recording with high school mate in there home studio. Soon he caught the attention of older Cousin Dc who was also doing his thing in the music they soon formed a rap/sing trio with other cousin spitz in 2005. They spent the next few years recording and releasing mixtapes until Spitz got incarcerated in 2007 . The group soon Disbanded with Gutty back on his solo path recording and releasing new material for the next years to come. 2008 Gutty brought his first acoustic guitar and began playing around with it. But it wasn't until 2010 when he first received his first electric guitar and began to take the instrument serious. 2012 Gutty went in the studio with producer/friend to record what would be his biggest hit to date Called "Child Support" which would be the first single off his debut EP Ready for the World, which turned into a 10 track album which is set to be released early 2014. Since Greg Gutty Came on the Scene in 2012 he has performed at over 30 different venues including BB king in New York City as Well as National Underground in New York. He also has won several open mic competitions including the openmicexposure in Atlanta October 2013. Be on the Look out for this Rising Star out of Hampton Roads VA.

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