Two Bars from the Gun

Two Bars from the Gun

Two Bars From The Gun got its start under the pen of a Florida boy holed up in a Pennsylvania winter. Wes Gow weathered the elements and unemployment with generous doses of Springsteen and Petty, and in the process discovered a love for telecasters and tweed-lacquered amps. After the spring thaw, Wes relocated his wife (and his songs) to Virginia Beach, where he made quick friends with bassist Rev Guill and drummer Heath Oderman. The three began rehearsing, writing, playing local shows, and collectively navigating the ever-changing tides of growing families and career moves in the suburban America, never losing sight of their musical identity. In 2013, the trio limped into the studio, tired from a fews years of the local scene and not altogether certain what the future held. For the next year the band focused all their available energy on the album. Under the friendship and guidance of Jon Anderson at Whale Head Records, Two Bars From The Gun is proud to emerge with Thief & Love, their first full length album! We’ve got a lot of folks to thank for helping to make this happen, not least of whom are our lovely wives. Evie, Melissa, and Christine, your unwavering support and patience have been invaluable! We couldn’t have done it without you. As for the official album credits, this list could go on for pages. For sake of space, here are the bullet points. We consider each of these people dear friends, and we couldn’t be more thankful and appreciative for their willingness to lend their talents.

Band Information

Americana Rock
1Wes GowNoMale
2Jon AndersonNoMaleGuitar, Ukulele
3Paul BidansetNoMale
4Rev GuillNoMale
5Paul KingNoMaleKeyboard


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