Sam Burchfield

Sam Burchfield

Sam Burchfield's sound ranges from clever lyrical ballads like 'Doctor' to upbeat funky compositions such as 'She Got Your Love'. Add in some banjo driven folk in songs like 'Here Tonight' and you're almost there. From banjo, to brass, to traditional rock 4 piece, Sam has taken the diversity of modern music and blended it into his own multiple-genre style that keeps the listener entertained, interested, and impacted. With a voice that can be soft and sultry, or full of loud southern soul, the music Sam Burchfield writes is connected by an authentic passion and energy that audiences have been hungry for. Where to Run merely scratches the surface of this young artists repertoire of songs and sounds. Burchfield has been developing his skills as a musician and song writer for a decade. Growing up in Seneca, South Carolina, Sam played coffee shops and other small venues before eventually moving to Athens, Georgia, to further his musical career and to attend the University of Georgia. From playing in well-known Athens band Street Rhythm & Rhyme to winning the statewide singing competition Campus Superstar 2013 and appearing on American Idol this season, Burchfield has had a diverse musical career. He continues to leave the door open to new possibilities and opportunities, recently trying his hand as a worship leader and a music teacher at a summer camp in Montreat, North Carolina. In February of 2014, Burchfield released his debut EP earning lots of media attention such as renowned college music blog, Good Music All Day. The local singer/songwriter creates a masterful blend of blues rock, funk and folk, influenced by the likes of ZZ Ward, Ray LaMontagne, James Morrison, and even early Jack Johnson. The EP "Where to Run" is complete with varying instrumentation from funky guitar riffs to a vintage jazzy horn section. The songs are bonded together with a chillingly precise rhythm section. Each track leaves the listener feeling pleasantly surprised by an exciting mix of Burchfield’s multiple styles of music. Sam Burchfield has shared the stage with notable acts such as St. Paul & The Broken Bones, Josh Garrels, and YouTube sensation Noah Guthrie. He won the statewide singing competition Campus Superstar last year, winning $5,000 to fund the recording of his EP. He also recently auditioned for American Idol and was chosen as a contestant to go to Hollywood by Jennifer Lopez and Keith Urban. Burchfield’s audition aired on January 23, 2014 and can be viewed at the link below: Soulful vocals and folk-influenced lyrics combine with a foundation in southern blues and funk to produce an exciting sound from this up-and-coming musician. His music spills out of a passionate soul. From the slow ballads that speak of love and longing, to quirky and comical folk tunes, Sam has not limited himself to one genre. While he has achieved much success as a young artist, the potential is limitless for this youthful dreamer and his noble guitar, Sassy.

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